Zenergy is here to be a space of healing, restoration, & to assist the release of muscular holdings and personal stress. 

Beyond the studied physical benefits to massage therapy, massage helps foster a connection between the mind, body, & the spirit. My style of massage is often described as a fluid medium pressure with more specific neuromuscular pressure as appropriate. 

It usually takes more than one massage, or a series of the work to truly get down to those deepest knots and trigger points, but sometimes we can get a few the very first time we meet! 

My name is Brooke Benson. I went to the Birmingham School of Massage and graduated in September of 2013.  I now am registered massage therapist #3842 in the State of AL, a member of the AMTA, and have been a solo practicing massage therapist under the LLC Zenergy Bodywork since 2014. 

I am trained in the traditional soft tissue massage modality of Swedish, as well as being certified in Neuromuscular Therapy. I'm also excited to share experience in the healing modality of Reiki, a spiritual and energetic healing practice that has been passed to me originally through my dear friend Joanna Gayle Mann in 2014. In 2017, I officially received the first two Reiki attunements of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage through Birmingham's own Terri Heiman of Natural Forces Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Most recently in 2018 I was honored to be attuned by Terri to the Master level of Reiki and I look forward to continuing to learn and practice on this path.

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