Deep Tissue Massage uses firmer pressure, ending with neuromuscular techniques intended to release the body from trapped neurons in muscular tissue that incite the bodys' pain signals. We will get into these underlying knots and structures to help alleviate your pain & stretch out the musculature to have longer lasting results. ​

This is my primary mode of work. It is often mixed massage, starting with more general warm up and Swedish techniques that allows you to relax as you are ready. If you are experiencing chronic muscular pain, either from habitual postural holds, sports activity or even perhaps an old injury than this is the modality for you.

Single Session:

60 Minutes $90.00

90 Minutes $120.00


Series of 3:

60 Minute $225.00

90 Minute $295.00


Series of 6:

60 Minute $450.00

90 Minute $575.00


Hot Stone Massage utilizes pre-heated basalt stones that are placed on the body

during the massage in conjunction with massage techniques. 

Heated stones have been used in massage for thousands of years.


Ancient Chinese cultures believed that the heat would improve

internal organ function. The heat does allow extra blood flow faster, 

allowing a deeper sense of relaxation. 

If you like heat this is a added luxury with health benefits.

Single Session:

60 Minutes $120.00

90 Minutes $135.00


Series of 3:

60 Minute 295.00

90 Minute $325.00



Massage during a pregnancy includes a table set up with care to assist the mother's comfort while receiving the massage.This massage creates a restful and relaxing time for both mother & baby. Pregnancy Massage helps relieve additional pressures from carrying your baby. For women in late stages of pregnancy or anytime after the first trimester. 

Single Session:

60 Minutes $90.00

90 Minutes $120.00

Series of 3:

60 Minute $225


This is a gentler, more fluid approach for clients who more wish to experience general stress relief and relaxation. If you are looking to make massage a part of your regular care routine with a therapist who assists & allows your space for healing then this is the modality for you. 

Single Session:

60 Minutes $85.00

90 Minutes $110.00


Series of 3:

60 Minute $215.00

90 Minute $275.00


Series of 6:

60 Minute $425.00

90 Minute $550.00


Aromatherapy is a natural choice to enhance the experience of the massage,

adding depth to the therapy session by including an additional element.


Your choice of essential oils will be used for assisted breath work, permeating the room within the towels as well as the oils used during session.

Single Session:

60 Minutes $90.00

90 Minutes $120.00


Reiki is a centuries old tradition of energy medicine. Come deep within your own space with this clothed, off-body sequence that intentionally guides your body’s energetic system to fluidity and motion.  

30 minutes of Reiki can be a stand-alone appointment or

an addition to your massage  $55.00


Detoxify your feet with a smoothing, homemade foot scrub.  

Choose your own 4 oz. Blend of Essential Oils to be added to a blend of Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Fresh Lavender Buds, & Almond Oil. 


Includes hot towels, 4 oz take home foot scrub, & additional foot massage. 

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