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Written by 

Brooke Benson,

Licensed Massage Therapist

5 Ways to Recover & Build Muscle After Hitting the



Feeling your best doesn't end after a great workout.


1. Take Your Time

We love your motivation! Just remember to give yourself a day or two to heal. You body needs time to recover in order to build and maintain your muscle. 


2. Incorporate Massage Therapy

A massage will relax your muscles and increase flexibility. A post workout massage also helps prevent injuries and releases muscle tension that often forms from a strenuous workout.

3. Replenish With Water

Getting enough water is so important. Water maximizes your physical performance and hydrates your joints which helps reduce pain and recovery. 

4. Stretch Your Muscles

A massage stretches your muscles which prevents knotting in your fibers and tissue. A post workout massage allows your muscles to be stretched before a knots are even formed.

5. Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Not only do you need a post workout massage to help build muscle, but you will need to add more protein. Protein helps your muscles recover faster, so fuel up and let's enhance your workouts.

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Brooke Benson, LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Zenergy Bodywork, a solo practice in Cahaba Heights since 2015. A solo practice offers clients a more catered approach to their individual health concerns and the body's conditioning. 

"I was recommended to Zenergy Bodywork by a colleague after an injury. After months of seeing the chiropractor multiple times a week, I have finally received the results and relief I have needed through Brooke."

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