The concept of "Zen" and a meditation for you

May 15, 2014


From Wikipedia: "The word Zen is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Middle Chinese word 禪 (dʑjen) (pinyin: Chán), which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word dhyāna,[3] which can be approximately translated as "absorption" or "meditative state".[4]

Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and the personal expression of direct insight in the Buddhist teachings.[5] As such, it de-emphasizes mere knowledge of sutras and doctrine[5][6] and favors direct understanding through zazen (meditation) and interaction with an accomplished teacher"

Although I do not subscribe to any one religion, I believe through enough meditative practice and awareness that a constant state of zen is possible and beautiful. I employ the intention of attaining zen in my practice of massage and believe it to be a powerful positive influence.
If this post inspired you towards meditation here are some recommendations for you to ponder:

1. Yoga is a powerful tool for the body as well as the mind and is one of the easier methods of putting the body into a meditative state.

2. A meditation for you:
I was once guided towards meditating using the Tratak method of Meditation. Tratak, referred to as "gazing," uses a single flame candle at eye level in a comfortable seated position. Focus on the flame of the candle and your own breath. Breathe deep... you can get the deepest breath by breathing in through the nose and exhailing out through the mouth. Focus on the candle and your breath, see how long you can look at the candle without blinking. Once your eyes water close your eyes and continue to concentrate on your breathing. {{}}

More on Tratak can be found here:


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