Heels, Feet and Stilettos on Valentines

January 26, 2015

Ladies!  While heels can make us feel fashion forward and absolutely stunning, they wreak havoc on the body, especially over long-term repetitive wear.  (Yet who out of us doesn't appreciate, and some covet to own, pretty little pair after pretty pair).  Lately, I have found myself preaching  to my sisters about the real impact of consistently wearing heels.  Do you wear heels to work more than occasionaly?  Maybe it's time to pack in some athletic shoes also, as there are real effects to your musculosketal system over time.  


The tilt of the heel is what sets us off balance, so right off we're compensating by pulling ourselves back with our lower body strength.  Muscle affects muscle, and when you've got a pair of heels on that is a little too big and pushes your wonderful tootsies closer to the toe or moves your feet around, you end up compensating even more with the smaller muscles in your feet and toes.  Too small is no good either, causing crowding that can augment the bones.  Also, one of the biggest things I've seen is that over a longer period of time those tendons that run atop the toes shorten, as that's been their position!  The effect of this is lesser when you're wearing lower heels, say for a work environment wherein you know you'll be in them (when they're not under your desk kicked off).


So there's of course a way to make everybody happy. Because I know, and you know that we will sometimes want to wear heels or even feel it appropraite to wear them in a business environment.  Here's my advice and (it's echoed in the link I've provided):  Firstly, like with all shoes make sure they fit, but also it's very important to make sure that the heel isn't too high, as it adds pressure to all the effects mentioned.  A wider base at the heel is also better for the body when you opt to go atop, this adds stability and allows for an easier balance, utilizing less muscle contraction to stay stable.  


Just some food for thought!  Mucho love to you all and enjoy your Valentines Day in style, just make sure to give yourself some attention on those tootises afterwards, or get your date to give you a footrub~  



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