Poison Perfume

April 16, 2015



Sometimes, the things in life that are habitually overlooked are the most detrimental to our health and longevity.  Perfume and Cologne are one of those things, and should be absorbed in moderation.


Ya'll the skin is our largest organ.  It contains and protects the body, making up on average 6-10% of the bodies' weight, and is the first line of defense.  However, it is not infallible and some of what is used on the skin goes IN the skin and into the body, just how much, what gets in, and where it is stored is a hot topic of debate. 


A little bit of history tell us that fragrances were initially used as a cover up for the bourgeious of times wherein things weren't so pleasant on the streets.  There are some truly beautiful relices from this time period, wherein people held their fragrances in an ornate capsule around their neck (as to not be subjected to the refuse on the streets).  Visit most any large art museum and you should come across a few..


Nowadays, people are more used to wearing fragrances out of varying and personal reasons but for the most part we don't need 'em!  Advertisers love to tell us all about how this and that fragrance will make us more attractive when in truth your skin is conditioned to attract the opposite sex, there's just absolutely nothing wrong with the way people smell! 


There's so much junk that goes into these "fragrances," and not everything is listed.  

Literally anything could be in the stuff and there are a lot of ingredients that have been proven to be linked to cancers and other conditions.  Basically, anything foreign that the body doesn't pull through the kidneys or the colon for elimination gets stored up somewhere.  From that point is where some of these ingredients show up in toxicology reports, or like how parabens have been linked to certain cancers, because they find it later.  (Parabens look structrually enough like estrogen that the body gets confused!  So it stores it with other estrogens and since so many products used to use parbens it's been a big movement to get them out of beauty and personal care products). 


Natural essential oils are the best option, properly diluted that is.  You can use a spray bottle and mix all your favorite things in with water, use it as a room spray and for your new signature scent.  

A favorite of mine right now is Lavendar with a bit of Orange.  Make it a little more hydrating and add some light oil like jojoba!  Have fun with it and know that I do these things because I care, not to scare. 


I currently use almond oil with a handmade thieves oil blend and orange oil. When I use creme I always buy "organically listed" creme with no parabens.  As always, here's some additional info on perfume and the science behind this blogpost:












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