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Written by 

Brooke Benson,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Feeling your best doesn't end after a yoga session.

Here you will find recommendations from a

Licensed Massage Therapist.


​1. Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can assist in your yoga practice by loosening tight muscles so you will stretch further. It is also a deeply meditative practice of it's own. Routine massages can prevent an injury and keep hormones in balance by releasing endorphins. Relax in a quiet space and let your body heal through touch. 

2. Meditate

Meditation practices are a powerful way to create balance in our lives.  Intentions are often the first step towards any goal or new practice, and creating a calming space for your meditations will help facilitate more focused meditations. There's no set way to meditate, but the use of a candle as a fixed point of focus (as with Tra-Tak) is very helpful to some. 

Once set up, focus on breathing in deeply through your nose. Count to three and exhale slowly through your mouth. There's plenty to incorporate your mind into to break patterns of thought that may come into focus, but a fun method is to create a mental landscape, like a crystal cave or a cabin on an island. You can really get creative with this method.

3. Eat Healthy

You may have heard of eating according to Ayurvedic practices. It's actually a very extensive practice, but the easiest way to eat more in alignment with Ayurveda is to "eat the rainbow". Let it serve as a reminder to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and incorporate different tastes into meals such as bitter, salty, sweet, and astringent.


4. Stay Hydrated

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the easiest to overlook. Make sure you're getting enough water everyday and it will help facilitate the healthiest you possible. 


Are you ready to take yoga to the next level with meditation or a massage? 

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Brooke is a professional Massage Therapist that began Zenergy Bodywork in 2015. Practicing massage as a solo practice allows her clients a more catered approach to their individual health need.​ Zenergy aspires to help transform and heal those who visit.  Brooke aspires to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people to relax their minds as well as their body. 

"Zenergy is wonderful. Brooke is very thoughtful about asking what you need to get out of each session, and you can tell she is methodical and educated about her massage techniques. The space is intimate and relaxing while still professional."

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